Saturday, October 24, 2009

World Largest Ball of Twine

The ball of twine is located in "Downtown" Cawker City right along Wisconsin Street (Highway 24) on the south side of the highway. It is half a block west of Lake Drive, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding it (After all, this is a small town and a big ball of twine)

It weighs 17,400 pounds, is twelve feet in diameter, and was the creation of Francis A. Johnson. He started wrapping it in March of 1950 -- four hours a day, every day. Francis lifted it with a crane to continue proper wrapping.

Officials at Darwin maintain this is another "group effort" -- not the work of one man. And Cawker City twine scholars note that the Branson ball uses "plastic string," bloodlessly procured, applied, and displayed -- no lifelong labor of love there.

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