Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Karan Singh Grover Interview (Dr Armaan)

I'm flirtatious, says Karan

Karan Singh Grover talks about girlfriend Shraddha Nigam and the show 'Dill Mill Gaye' to Shameem Khan

Girls, eat your heart out. The dreamboat is not single anymore. “I am seeing Shraddha Nigam,” confirms actor Karan Singh Grover before launching into a litany about her. “She’s been an actress for a long time. This is a great help for a newcomer like me. Shraddha’s an extremely caring and happy person. She gives more than 100 per cent to a relationship.”

Fortunately, this hasn’t dimmed his popularity with the fairer sex.

“I am so glad that I am being liked by all. Probably, my character Armaan Malik in ‘Dill Mill Gaye’ is lovable. And trust me; I am just like him in real life—flirtatious, fun-loving and tension-free. I am serious about my work but apart from that I am always playing pranks on people.”

This reminds him of the incident with co-star Shilpa Anand. “I am always punching her good-humouredly. Once we were performing a scene and I happened to punch her right on her lips. The poor thing had a swollen lip for a long time,” he laughs adding, “But she’s a good friend.”

Though the show ‘Dill Mill Gaye’ is popular, the consensus is that it’s deviating from the basic storyline. “Yes, I have got that response too. There was a romantic angle between Shilpa and me. But now, we are consciously getting back to the hospital saga,” he clarifies.

Right now, it’s just this show which is taking up all of Karan’s time. “However, I am open to all kinds of work—social drama, travel shows and even films. It’s good work that I am craving for

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